Mark It Up!
Have fun with your chart.  Start charting your child's height as soon as possible.  My husband and I have charted our kids since birth.  Until they can stand tall, measure them lying down (like they do at the doctor's office) then mark it on the chart.
Use A Marker
You can use whatever you'd like to mark on your chart.  I use permanent marker, but a paint marker from your local craft store would be great too.
Include Mom and Dad!
Be sure to also mark mom and dad's height too.  It gives your child something to look up to and aspire to be.
Stick It To Your Wall
The best way to hang your chart is with 3M picture hanging strips (included).  They work like velcro and come off your wall easily when removed and will not leave a mark.  You will need to use 4 sets of large strips.  The best thing about the strips is they stick the entire chart to the wall and when your child stands to be measured, the chart will not sway.
Buy a set at Walmart or Canadian Tire for $4.99 plus tax.
Make it Personal
You can make your chart extra special for your child by adding his/her name for only $1/letter. 
Coordinate With The Room
Custom charts can be created to match any decor, bedding or theme.  Emailing me pictures of the room helps me create a chart that coordinates perfectly.  Names of the paint colours used in a room can also be very helpful.  Exact colour matching costs $5 per colour (i will go to the paint store and get your colours).